Water Management Specialists in Hydraulic Design

Installing a new on farm water system can be daunting proposition. There are often a myriad of options to consider.


At EP Pumps we specialise in Hydraulic design for large and small water supply systems. Through our experience we are able to advise and consult on various options for your consideration with cost and efficiency in mind.

We have a number of services at your disposal to help calculate your requirements including flow testing bores and wells and the measuring of any rise in ground which may be involved in the new system.

When water travels through pipes it creates friction. The Friction within the pipes adds load to the pump and is calculated in metres and added to the static lift. It is important to calculate friction and static height before deciding on pipe size.

Below is the basic information required for the design of a successful and efficient water system.

Solar pumping technology is gaining immense credibility in the management of water.

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